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We offer a far more extensive and informative service than most of our competitors and the few who offer a comparable service charge far more money. We are able to lower our costs because we are a startup venture which has limited costs. We also have a lot more flexibility than larger companies which wade in bureaucracy and several levels of decision makers.

We use computer technologies to crawl and assemble data. We do not manually build the data, and hence the results are highly accurate after processing high volumes of data.

Today, the markets are highly competitive and very global. It is quick and easy to start an e-commerce website and merchants can now compete very effectively for a low cost. The dynamics therefore, require more and more analysis to ensure your prices are the best. Otherwise you could be losing money paying for advertising without any real chance of selling the goods.

We have a range of memberships. The cost of the entry level one will provide essential services and in retail the costs could easily be recovered with improved performance.