Core Services and Products

The core service we provide is a Business Intelligence (BI) service which allows retailers, trade counters, websites to understand the market far more effectively; it provides a sense of vision in highly complex markets. We focus on bathroom and related products.

The dashboard is the main utility we provide which has built into it a query language, a grid, statistical analysis, spreadsheet downloads, graphs, and market analysis including history. Our user manual has more details. We also now offer Magento integration, and integration into 3d cart.

What are the Benefits?

The are two main benefits from using Intelligent Prediction: improved sales and lower labour costs. The systems can be customised so that a specific sales strategy can be implemented and retailer website prices updated automatically; the automatic nature of the system updates will reduce labour costs in price management.

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Our Main Services and Products

The dashboard is our main product which allows a number of services to be provided.

Price Comparison

The price comparison product delivers spreadsheets and e-commerce files (also a online grid) based on data feeds and web scraping. The data is collected, interpreted and added to a central database. This database may be searched and used to build files suitable for integration into e-commerce systems. More at Price Comparison.

Cost Analysis

Buying price is a key factor in working out selling prices. Our systems allow integration of buying prices into the databases, and these are compared against market prices to implement a sales stratergy from the client. More at Cost Analysis. This includes Magento integration, and 3d cart integration.

Prediction Analysis

The prediction analysis engine integrates client data into sales and market systems to manage and predict website conversion rates. More at Prediction Analysis.